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Now if you are a female the same genres would apply. Most metal fans, since metal has a higher male fan ratio are more or less just happy to have any female around LOL so a gothic female being present is going to respected regardless but especially for the genres I already mentioned (Black/doom/symphonic/gothic metal). I went to a junior high school in the eighties where a lot of the students were into AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Poison, and other popular groups of the day. Basically, hair metal or hard rock but only the popular stuff. That was fine. They wore their tiger-stripe spandex pants and Mötley Crüe T-shirts and had their shoulder-length hair feathered. That was them. I liked most of those bands too.

Naughty nice conservative shirt

Honestly if a 30 year old wears the same thing no one would consider them a Mall Goth lol but if they are 16 they would haha. Anyway I am a dude and I prefer the Gothic look although I casually pretty much look like a metalhead anyway lol but, some metalheads will simply wear a band shirt and jeans. I pretty much always wear black pants or shorts. But anyway there is nothing wrong with it and I would say that for the past 20 years or so at least here in the US the goth and metal scenes and tight-knit with many that “crossover” like myself. I go to metal shows as well as goth nights because I love both. In fact I did it as a musician lol. I was in a death metal band for some time and later had an industrial band I was in that performed at goth/industrial club nights. The only “Metal scenes” that I would say would have less “goth” participants would be Metalcore, Thrash Metal, progressive metal, power metal and Hardcore. Those genres tend to have members that look less “goth”. Death Metal is hit or miss…some folks wear all black but some (especially thrash leaning fans) do not. The Metal genres that would have more goths would be of course Gothic metal, doom metal, symphonic metal, and black metal which has quite a few gothic fans.

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But I was outside that group because I was not a party drinker and I didn’t sit on my ghetto blaster at lunch playing “She’s Got Looks that Kill” and “Shout at the Devil” over and over. I had an Aerosmith shirt at first and later Venom shirt. I wore Celtic Frost and Slayer badges. Later I was into Nazareth, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly. I followed my interests. But the “rockers” of my school didn’t accept that. I didn’t really care either. Music is a personal thing for me and if people around me don’t like what I like then that’s all fine. When I dressed up in early seventies style clothes for rock star day, the tiger pants boys laughed. I didn’t care. I was expressing my personal interests, not theirs.

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