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But seriously, if you have that chance take it and go!! Its highschool, not only would you be seen as cool as the most coolest amoung students and teachers, it will look damn good on resumes, college papers and youll have stories later on in life. Try to look at yourself in 20 years from now, do you think youll regret not going? If you’re questioning that or thinking yes, you need to go! After study in Abroad when you return to your country. You have a new perspective on Culture, knowledge of different languages, great education, and knowledge about how to learn new things. All these things help you to make your career in your own country and abroad also. A benefit of studying abroad is the opportunity to improve yourself and develop your personal skills. In this time you can develop your dreams your goal your skills and your passions

The rock the great one 24 7 365 shirt

Many students leave their country first time for studying Abroad. When you study abroad you will find new foods, new fashion, new culture, new traditions, new atmosphere. When you study abroad no doubt your language skills will improve. Studying abroad grants you the opportunity to learn a foreign language I did my Bachelors Degree in India. And after two years of working, I came to Germany for my Masters. It was really an accident that I chose Germany. It happened when I went for a seminar about pursuing higher education in Chennai. Doing Masters in Europe or USA/Canada has always been a target for me and after I attended this seminar, I decided to choose Germany since I understood about the future opportunities for computer science in this country and a personal recommendation from one of my friends (who also chose Germany). And, then I chose a course more relevant to my interest and experience and finally, landed in Germany in 2012.

The rock the great one 24 7 365 s hoodie

However, it is important to be mature enough for it. I have met high schoolers who had great experiences and college students who had horrible experiences. So think about it, can you do it? Just out of curiosity, what is wrong with getting your high school diploma in January of senior year, studying abroad in the Spring and also spending the entire Summer abroad before starting college????? Sounds much better than spending the summer after junior year to take two high school classes, and then trying to get teachers to write letters of recommendation for you and also doing the many online applications while trying to experience everything available while being an exchange student in (e.g.) Nice France…… And how will you coordinate with your guidance counselor who writes an extremely important letter of recommendation for you, which accompanies your official transcript? And what about all of those supplemental letters of recommendation? And any mandated college interviews that are conducted prior to January 1st?

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