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“For 2022, consumers will continue to look for products that have ingredients that they believe will deliver results for their skin. Online searches for specific active ingredients will continue to rise as consumers are eager to learn more about these ingredients. Ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol and niacinamide will be heavily searched given they have been shown to deliver results. Furthermore, consumers will look for products that have testing to validate the claims they are making.” “Consumers will also be looking for products that are eco-friendly. They will look for products that are recyclable and/or have refillable packaging and ingredients that are ethically sourced. Ultimately, consumers will be looking for products that give back to the environment rather than just take.”

Green Bay Packers Wisconsin bears still suck t-shirt

“Consumers will continue to look for products that not only deliver results, but they will also be looking for products to protect them. Consumers are more and more aware that they need to protect themselves not only from UV damage, but from blue light, smoke, smog, pollution as well as germs, bacteria, and viruses. Hence, we will see consumers looking for more specialized sunscreens, blue light protection treatments, antioxidant serums as well as anti-microbial products.” “Use less but the best. I think consumers have soaked up the rush of a skin-care frenzy and realized that the more ingredients you apply, often the more harm you are doing to your skin, and you just aren’t getting the results expected. Clients want a concentrated routine, bespoke to the consumer with the best ingredients paired with their specific skin type and concerns.”

Green Bay Packers Wisconsin bears still suck t-s hoodie

“Clients are no longer looking for quick-fix treatments; the future of facials are long-term bespoke programs, the same way you think about a training program for your body, it is the same concept for the skin, mind, and body. There is a demand for luxury care both inside and outside of the treatment room which includes post, and pre-care, specialist consultancy and at-home routine recommendations for long-term results.” “The modern day consumer is well-educated and is looking for fast-acting products which will provide quick results. They are keen to look through marketing. The brands that will succeed are the ones who are open and transparent about their ingredient choices, can demonstrate benefit with consumer and clinical trials, as well as show a commitment to the environment and sustainability across all aspects of the supply chain.”

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