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No matter what tool you’re using—a foundation brush, a BeautyBlender, or your fingers—buff (or bounce, if you’re using a sponge) the foundation into your skin as opposed to “painting” it on to build coverage smoothly and avoid streakiness, says Park. If you’re going to add a swish of blush, consider the “sunburn blush” strategy to warm up the skin. “It really brings something that’s fresh and genuine to the look,” says Park of the TikTok-beloved technique, wherein blush is applied across the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. “It gives an effortless summer feeling as if you were laying out for a few hours and then quickly got changed for dinner,” adds Violette. For dimension, blend highlighter into the high planes of the face that catch light naturally, such as the cheekbones, temples, and Cupid’s bow. “I’m not a fan of powder highlighters because it looks a bit fake to me,” says Violette. “Creamy balm textures will give you a dewiness as if you’re not wearing any products.” First, sop up excess oil with blotting papers. Then, look to a featherweight translucent powder to seal in foundation and prevent unwanted sheen. “Use a brush to apply it very lightly and only to the areas that get the most shiny,” says Nasrat, adding that the leftover luster is what will really drive home that second-skin guise. Silky smooth and even-toned, with just the right amount of lit-from-within dewiness, that’s how you execute believably perfect skin.

I fight parkinson's disease what's your superpower shirt

From Barbiecore updos to lessons in tightlining, mountainous manicures to mussed peroxide manes, this week’s best beauty Instagrams featured an air of playful abandon in keeping with summer’s dog days. For Rowan Blanchard, summer beauty found form in a sunset swim, while Kim Kardashian got her aesthetic kicks—and embodied “Balenci Barbie”—with the help of a banged-and-blonde bouffant. Elsewhere, Gigi Hadid’s blonde veered peroxide and lent well to literal bedhead, as Mei Kawajiri’s topographic nails inspired daydreams of far-flung adventure. Then, Kerry Washington shared the secret to a flawless complexion (hint: it’s all about getting loud); Joan Smalls executed a raver-babe eye moment, replete with ample glitter and a leather choker; and Willow Smith proved the sultry power of kohl pulled along the waterline.

I fight parkinson's disease what's your superpower s hoodie

To prime or not to prime? It’s an eternal question for amateurs and pros alike. While Violette typically skips the extra base step in the interest of using as little product as possible, when applied correctly, it can prolong foundation for all-day wear. “I use an anti-shine primer for hotspots like the forehead, hairline, sides of nose, and around the mouth, and then a sheer, illuminating one for the tops of the cheekbones,” explains Park, adding that she applies each with her fingertips. Only apply foundation where it’s really necessary, insists Violette, who counts Estée Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Foundation with SPF 45 among her favorites. “Start in the center of the face, on the apples of the cheeks, and slowly blend out,” she instructs, adding that another key part of the face is the area around the mouth, which is prone to yellow undertones and shadows. To ensure the foundation looks as natural as possible, Violette often skips the bridge of the nose—letting freckles show through for those who have them—and the corners of the nostrils, so the pigment doesn’t cling to dry patches.

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