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If I’m going to a show and it’s for somebody that I know I will wear something from that brand, but it’s not straight from the runway or a full look or anything like that. I know Puppets & Puppets is coming and I’m obsessed with those cheese wedge shoes. I immediately got those and I’m already thinking of how to style them for the show. Definitely, vintage. I’ve always been into vintage, even as a middle and high school student. Austin, Texas is a very vintage town and I used to intern at a vintage store there. My grandmother had all of her dresses custom-made back in the 1970s in Japan so I have all of her dresses that I like to wear. Clothing more than accessories. I kind of have this thing with accessories, I wear almost always the same. I rarely change them out. Like earlier, I mentioned those cheese wedge shoes, but honestly I have two pairs of shoes I wear. A pair of Converse in the winter, and a pair of Chinatown crocs that I wear in the summertime. And that’s it. Oh and my jewelry is always my family jewelry, but with clothing I’m constantly looking for new things that are more my taste. We’ve had some big losses in the Japanese designer realm in the last few months between Issey Miyake and Hanae Mori, and I have stuff from both of them. I’ve been kind of thinking about how I would like to pay some tribute and maybe wear them this season. Hanae Mori has been one of my favorite style and designer icons and she has done so much for the fashion industry in Japan. And I scour her stuff all the time, but it’s so hard to find, and rightfully so expensive.

Official Buffalo Bills Grunge Type Josh Allen Shirt

This is really silly, but if I had to describe my style I would just say it’s weird. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, where the slogan is “Keep Austin Weird,” and as a kid I really took that to heart. My idol was ATX icon Leslie Cochran who only wore crazy women’s clothing. I didn’t dress like him exactly, the only bottoms he ever wore were thongs, but I wanted to just have fun and be weird in all the amazing ways he was and that’s still how I think about clothes and dress today. It’s definitely representative. I also love to support my friends, and that’s very evident in what I’m wearing. Like everything that I have on right now is either vintage from a friend, or pants from Collina Strada, and all my jewelry is my mom or grandmothers. Everything I have has a story to it. During fashion week specifically I will dress up more than I do on the everyday. And maybe I’ll wear things that are a bit more over the top than what I’d wear to the office as a set designer working behind-the-scenes for fashion shows. But it’s still very much my style and an excuse to dress up. So I will go the extra mile with what I’m wearing.

Official Buffalo Bills Grunge Type Josh Allen Shirt hoodie

Clothes, clothes, clothes all day long. I don’t really carry purses. I’m not a purse person and I’m not a big jewelry person. It’s clothes, clothes, like even more clothes, more than shoes, and more than anything else. I would go barefoot if I had to. I just got a lot of Noir Kei Ninomiya. I got several looks from Kei Ninomiya and I’m definitely wearing that cause it’s Comme! I get so excited about all the Comme shows like Comme, Noir, and Junya, so you’ll definitely see me wearing those. And my interest in Japanese fashion started in 2004 with the Junya Wantanabe fall 2004 collection, which completely changed my life. Nowadays, kids come into the store [Antidote] and are wearing super expensive ready-to-wear and accessories. My family would’ve never let me do that. Before, I was into making my clothes and going into Goodwill and kind of remaking things. I was into old denim and Japanese streetwear but was still in the mentality of not being willing to pay for it. But then I saw that show and it completely transformed me; I literally saw it, called Jeffrey, which was the only luxury store in Atlanta at the time, and it was over.

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