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Navy blue is a neutral color. You can wear about any color shirt with navy blue leggings. I think an orange shirt with navy blue leggings gives a nice pop in contrast with navy blue. I’ve actually worn a longer orange T-shirt with navy leggings, and this combination of colors definitely works. I personally love the look of blue jeans with a white button up shirt. I think the best color to wear with this combination is a light pink. I think the light pink compliments the blue jeans and white shirt nicely. Who cares about the color when one doesn’t know the item that is supposed to be worn with blue jeans and a shirt Are you talking about shoes undershirt, jacket, hat, sunglasses shoes, socks etc. The color of shoes you wear with blue jeans depends on the look you are going for. If you want a more casual look, you can wear sneakers or flats. If you want a dressier look, you can wear heels or dress shoes.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping Philadelphia PA Shirt

Assuming you want a top to wear with blue jeans, a white t-shirt is always a good option. You could also try a light blue or grey t-shirt. going anonymous because i know the answer to this question won’t get good number of i don’t want it on my profile. coming to the que., I’d like to share a hack with you. so if you’re wearing a white shirt or white tee, no matter what color you choose for your inner garments, they’ll be highlighted even if they’re white. So, better wear a bra which matches your natural skin tone and nothing will be visible. Your favorite blue jeans with a white color short sleeve top would look chic with a yellow crochet bucket hat your hair in a low bun and black color sunglasses. A big brown bag like you are going away for the weekend.. and you are all chic chic chic

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Brown Brown is the perfect color for a jeans and white color top combo If it is a brown color blazer over your baggy jeans and a short white color top like a white color strapless top a swimsuit top style. Brown black gold chain bag.. and you are spicier than ever wearing a short length long sleeve sweader over a turtleneck white color top would look amazing with your favorite jeans. Every color you choose will work From metallic gold to colors like dark purple green or bright colors like neon green or pink. Whatever you choose will fit with your jeans white top combo Enjoy I would recommend black, so as to avoid the denim tuxedo effect. I never wear a shirt that is too similar in color to my jeans.

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