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These were crew-necked, short-sleeved, whte cotton undershrt to e worn under unform It ecme common for slors nd Mrnes n work prtes, the erly sumrnes, nd tropcl clmtes to remove ther unform jcket, werng (nd solng) only the undershrt [5] They soon ecme populr s ottom lyer of clothng for workers n vrous ndustres, ncludng grculture The T-shrt ws esly ftted, esly clened, nd nexpensve, nd for those resons t ecme the shrt of choce for young oys Boys’ shrts were mde n vrous colors nd ptterns The word T-shrt ecme prt of Amercn Englsh y the 1920s, nd ppered n the Merrm-Wester Dctonry [4]

Elect A Clown Expect A Circus Anti Trump Political Shirt

, the T-shrt ws often the defult grment to e worn when dong frm or rnch chores, s well s other tmes when modesty clled for torso coverng ut condtons clled for lghtweght frcs [5] , t ws worn y Nvy men s undergrments nd slowly ecme common to see veterns werng ther unform trousers wth ther T-shrts s csul clothng [6] Often oys wore them whle dong chores nd plyng outsde, eventully openng up the de of werng them s generl-purpose csul clothng Prnted T-shrts were n lmted use y 1942 when n Ar Corps Gunnery School T-shrt ppered on the cover of Lfe

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mgzne In the 1960s, prnted T-shrts gned populrty for self-expresson s well for dvertsements, protests, nd souvenrs Current versons re vlle n mny dfferent desgns nd frcs, nd styles nclude crew-neck nd V-neck shrts T-shrts re mong the most worn grments of clothng used tody T-shrts re especlly populr wth rndng for compnes or merchndse, s they re nexpensve to mke nd purchse Becuse men’s t-shrts re unsex whle womens t-shrts re more tlored to womn’s ody nd re excessvely tght or loose n some res Becuse women tend to hve dfferent ody shpe Women’s tee shrts usully hve slght flre t the wst to ccommodte wder hps They my lso e cut to ccommodte rests

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