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no pro-life people that I have actually talked with about this actually believe that you should be forced to carry a rapist’s baby This is why your political stance simply shouldn’t be tied to your identity. Sometimes you need to evolve, and admit you were wrong, or just be allowed to change your mind. So what if making that change no longer means you’re “conservative” or “liberal”, or whatever else. That type of thinking is not only unhealthy on a personal level, it’s unhealthy for democracy, and it’s largely why we’re having a lot of the problems we’re having right now as a country. My only wish is that it didn’t need to go this far to get this dude to change his mind on this. I don’t like wishing apocalypses on people. But it sucks that some people are so lacking in empathy for other people that it takes the worst harm they wish on others to happen to them to get them to understand that humans deserve rights. The past few years have been very tough for me, very draining, very exhausting. I have little empathy left for those who get hurt due to things they voted for, people they’ve surrounded themselves with, and hateful beliefs they hold. It literally took this guys wife getting raped to make him see some sense…. Fuck em all man, I just can’t give a shit about these retards anymore

46th Birthday Kings Were Born In 1977 46 Years Old All Original Parts T-Shirt

With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil – that takes religion” – Steven Weinberg I’d be interested in seeing what he would have done had it not been his wife, but some other lady in his circle of friends. A conservative is a person who is against others having choices until it happens to them. then they think they should have “rights” they wanted to deny others. Oppression is great until it happens to YOU! Oh did you not like it when you’re friends and family alienated you? Allow me to play this piece for you on the worlds tiniest violin. But I thought womens bodies had ways of “rejecting” that and “shutting it down”… Or was that all just bullshit… I’m convinced people who self-identify as conservative have absolutely no fixed points over what they even mean. Just pure selfish reactionary nihilism at all times. Fucking animals. Hearing shit like this makes my blood absolutely boil. What the fuck happened to common decency and mutual respect. Don’t just hide behind your religion as a cover to literally be the thing your religion says not to be. Pharisees and Sadducess are what you are. YOU are the people Jesus was kicking out of the temple. I almost want to thank the rapist. But he obviously didn’t do enough, given that the asshole (and presumably asshole’s wife-asshole) still consider Conservative a legitimate stance.

46th Birthday Kings Were Born In 1977 46 Years Old All Original Parts T-Shirt Hoodie

I have zero sympathy. Sorry, finding your humanity and compassion only when it affects you is just gross selfishness, and behavior that seems to define conservatism. Live with who you are – others were forced to live with how you treated them, so you don’t get a pass. “I’m still conservative.” Yeah I bet you are. They never learn the big lesson, they have to learn it with each issue, and will never learn if they are never in the position of being a victim of their own ideology. This guy is who makes me want to vomit What happened to that woman is horrific and entirely preventable if only conservatives and Christians/Catholics decided to simple not attack women for choices about their bodies. If one of my friends comes out to me as trans I’m not going to be the person who says “my god, I was wrong all this time but now that it’s personal I finally see the light”. If you have a compassionate bone in your body, then care about people regardless of whether it affects you and yours. Nowadays I’m better educated on what trans is and what it means, but even when I was ignorant as fuck I still loved them and didn’t want to see them be the victims of hate crimes and systemic oppression.

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