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I aced every test he gave me. He was puzzled. He called other doctors from the facility, to understand what was wrong with my vision. Sometimes I doubt that I’m actually colorblind and then I see something like this. Just shapes and colors to me. wow I’m really colorblind. I knew I had some colorblind issues (red/green) but this is the first time in one of these test pictures where I legit couldn’t see anything until I looked in comments, and even still its the white outline I see more. This frightened me. I’ve been sent this before too just slightly different colors. Asked my friend what it meant (not the one who sent it) and it was hilarious. You can see what it says even without colors, though it’s not obvious unless you are looking for it. The creator cleared space for the red squares and filled in, instead of recoloring the the squares already there. There could be signs written like this all over the place saying horrible things about colourblind people, or offering discounts on luxury goods to “normals” only, and I would never know. Color blind people see nothing but a field of colored squares. The tests are pretty cool cause depending on which type you have, you see different things or nothing at all. My doctor used a test with E’s and asked which way the arms pointed [up, down, left or right] and I saw different things than a normal person would. A lot of times it’s numbers you’re picking out with the same idea that you’ll see different things based on your vision Man I have to squint to make that out… its a thin line and looks drawn by a child how is this supposed to be a test 🤔

Ever heard of uncle buck shirt

It doesnt say somerhing very nice. Actually a bad joke. I’m not color blind… I can see it very faintly. And I have to agree with that cousin of yours. #### you? Really, is that something nice to say? Woever put this together is pretty cruel. I found out I was color blind in 7th grade. I literally can’t read what this says. Just looks like a bunch of random squares I remember the first time many many moons ago, when I was tasked to look at this pictures in search for hidden numbers. A doctor gave me this test, but I could not see the numbers. No numbers in the multiple test he gave me. He the must have thought I was color blind. To establish the degree/type of color blindness he gave me another test. To group physical objects together.

Ever heard of uncle buck s Ladiestee

Nowadays there is lots of ambiguity distinguishing between other types of human color vision phenotype s which question the tests validation now and back then. I’m gonna be honest: I thought it was just a fake test at first (one of the ones that aren’t actually readable), and I was very confused for a moment I’m gonna be honest: I thought it was just a fake test at first (one of the ones that aren’t actually readable), and I was very confused for a moment I’m colorblind and cannot read it either. But, when I loaded the image into GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and shifted the color hues, I could read it (in GIMP, right click on the image, select [Colors]->[Hue-Chroma], and then set Hue to 180.

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