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If she loves you, really loves you, she will openly listen to you about your desire to wear panties should not be an issue. Hopefully, your girl will happily embrace your “underwear” preferences right away! But most often she’s not in any favor with the idea, and then guys need to be respectful of her wishes too. But a good and healthy relationship must be a two way street. Some women may be hesitant or reluctant to overtly participate in your panty wearing. If so, shopping online together is probably more comfortable for her than taking you panty shopping at a local store. Guys need to be flexible, if she loves or hates a color/style you like, then let her do some choosing for you. Occasionally slipping on the panties she selected will probably not kill you. It’s a good compromise.

Kelee Ringo Chip 6 shirt

Some women have the same “What if somebody finds out!” reflex, that many panty wearing guys have experienced. Decisions to keep your panty wearing private vs public should always be made together, just like any other aspect of your sex life details. If you both wish to stay discrete, here are a few tips: wear black, white, or any plain guy colored panty when out on the town, tuck in those shirts when appropriate and the panties in the laundry will be assumed to be “hers”. But she should not be telling her friends without your agreement and you shouldn’t be either. It’s just common mutual respect. My girlfriend and I feel there’s something about a sexy and fun little secret just between us.

Kelee Ringo Chip 6 s hoodie

Once she comes to realize how much simple sexy fun panties can create, she just might start surprising you! When you have the right girl, she will see that your panty preferences are just another easy way to share your love for each other. My current girlfriend enjoys, participates and loves to pick out panties for me sometimes when she is shopping by herself or when we shop panty together at a store or online. It is absolutely okay for guys to wear panties. There isnt a panty police or a tag on the panty that says for women only. There are more guys wearing panties every year. Just look at the online reviews from guys and the sales ladies also tell me they are seeing more guys buying for themselves. I too realized a few years ago that woman’s underwear to be softer, more comfortable, and more fun with all the variety of styles, cuts, colors, and prints with some extra fun having the occasional bow or lace.

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