NVDTeeshirt – 60th Anniversary The Dodger Stadium 1962-2022 Left Field Loge Level Shirt

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The bride’s brother led her down the aisle, and the couple’s three other siblings performed readings during the ceremony. Christina said: “It was windy and I felt pretty overwhelmed by that moment and the elements that accentuated it. “Therefore, I took off my veil in the middle of the ceremony, so that I could be more present. For me, the ceremony was a bit lackluster, but I remember just holding Thomas’s hand and looking into his face to settle my emotions. I felt so calm as I said our vows and immediately lighter when we stepped out together, husband and wife.” After the party, the newlyweds snapped some photos and walked into the cocktail party for their first dance. Christina said: “Everybody was on the dance floor with us at the end of the song, especially the kids. “It was a happy chaos!” At the end of the cocktail party, the couple’s dog, Nonna, showed up and escorted the kids home.

60th Anniversary The Dodger Stadium 1962-2022 Left Field Loge Level Shirt

The goal, from the outset, was to make sure the environment felt intimate, just like the party size — as if you were attending a festive dinner at home, with personal touches and a sense of nostalgia. The inclement weather in Florida creates the most favorable conditions for a crisp, dry evening. “The only real stress in planning comes from the pandemic,” says Christina. “We are incredibly grateful and relieved that our whole family made it to Florida and passed two rounds of COVID-19 testing, and the weather was just right to support a weekend of outdoor events. ” The couple were married in a private garden by the bride’s pastor’s mother, whose church prayed for Christina and Thomas’ initial connection. The bride wore a Carolina Herrera off-the-shoulder top which she teamed with a Carolina Herrera veil worn in a madonna style, along with vintage diamond earrings and a sapphire chandelier for a completely chic look.

60th Anniversary The Dodger Stadium 1962-2022 Left Field Loge Level Shirt Hoodie

The dance continued throughout dinner and then under the canopy of rattan lanterns surrounded by bougainvillea. “It’s truly magical!” Christina recalls. “We walked out of the party and arrived at the Brazilian Court Hotel with the family escorted by a performing guitarist Ritchie Valens’ ‘We Belong Together’ — our song. The custom pantry and cocktail tablecloths as well as the upholstery for the Chiavari dining chairs are all created with fabric from Christina’s St. Frank. The dining table is covered with a pale blue linen tablecloth layered with leftover Oscar de la Renta lace, and the centerpiece is lush florals dotted with fruit, echoing the boundaries of the wedding invitation. . Each location card lists the guests’ names as well as their own characters — like the lipstick and kiss marks for Christina’s makeup-loving mom, Barbara “Barbie” Bryant.

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