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“I always knew I would be on the cover of the September issue,” said Precious Lee, exuding the serene confidence of a woman accustomed to having dreams come true. I wouldn’t say I never doubted it would happen, but on a deeper level, I just know. From a point of view, what Lee said makes perfect sense: The Atlanta native isn’t just gorgeous – she prides herself on her rare ability to convey charisma directly through the lens. The same can be said of seven other exceptional transgender models who joined Lee at the Vogue office for this commemorative shoot, which was held as New York City began to emerge from the doldrums of the pandemic. . It was crazy, says Kaia Gerber, as she and her cover stars roamed the rooms in their well-dressed outfits, mingling with a disco beat. And, from another angle, a historical side, it’s crazy: To see Anok Yai, Ariel Nicholson, Bella Hadid, Lola Leon, Sherry Shi, Yumi Nu, and Gerber and Lee pose together, representing Common to what you might call American beauty now, is to feel present at the revolution. Obstacles have fallen. Welcome to the new world.

Loretta Lynn Singer Songwriter Career Gift Loretta Lynn Shirt

Among the models on this cover, Bella Hadid is considered a glamorous beauty who has reigned as an industry star for several years. While she admits it’s hard to undo business changes from her own growth — Hadid was 17 when she started and is now 24 — she feels newly empowered. right to be yourself. “Looks like there are two Bellas — me, who is in the process of figuring out who she is, and ‘Bella Hadid’ is the alter ego, I don’t know, a sexbot who hangs out every night?” She smiles. “I have crazy social anxiety! Partying isn’t my thing, but I feel a lot of pressure to show that image because I think that’s all people want from me. Now I don’t want to live in that box. I certainly feel I am allowed to speak. The stereotype of the dumb model is never intellectually correct, but it does describe what has long been postulated about models: that they remain ‘dumb’ in the sense of dumb, a screen empty into which we can project our own desires, hopes, worries, not models that lack opinions before 2019.

Loretta Lynn Singer Songwriter Career Gift Loretta Lynn Shirt Hoodie

But what kind of revolution is this exactly? Chromat designer Becca McCharen-Tran talks about the “explosion of beauty standards”. Gypsy Sport’s Rio Uribe sees fashion as a front in the fight for representation and equality. Christopher John Rogers believes the industry is simply catching up with our multifaceted reality. These are just a few of the American designers who have spearheaded the “big” casting push, inviting models of all races, sizes, and gender identities to their rosters — and doing so. So, forcing the whole industry to consider one question: Who can become a model? I feel like fashion has received the message that casting models from a variety of backgrounds is the absolute minimum,” said McCharen-Tran, whose all-inclusive ethos of the tights brand her supervision since it came out in 2010. But what people are starting to understand is that ‘diversity isn’t the point – it’s about being respectful; The problem is dignity. It’s not an algorithm that determines that the face of modern beauty in fashion will change; it’s an emerging generation of American designers with the belief that fashion is for everyone.

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