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You can rent—or buy—nearly any category of furniture and decor on Feather, from couches to cribs to artwork. They offer millennial-friendly brands like Casper, Floyd, and West Elm, and offer white-glove delivery in several major cities nationwide. It’s also perfect for those starting from scratch: their room packages will give you a collection of aesthetically matching furniture for a bedroom, living room, or home office, while their apartment packages will do so for an entire studio or one bedroom. Sunday night’s Grammys cemented a long-brewing impulse within, one that I’ve tried to suppress for the sake of my sanity but is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore: I want to swan dive down the rabbit hole into ardent BTS fandom. In a Grammy night colored by perfectly good but somehow sleepy performances (not you, H.E.R, Lenny Kravitz, and Travis Barker!) during a too-long awards show at a time when awards shows feel ever more irrelevant, BTS brought more than a performance. They delivered Bond-themed theater of their nominated bop “Butter,” wrenching me from boredom and directly into ecstasy. Each and every one of these men—Jin, Suga, J-Hope, R.M., Jimin, V, and Jungkook—is a consummate showman who fully committed to the spy premise from the moment Jungkook descended from the ceiling on a wire, apparently effortlessly despite having recently recovered from COVID-19.

Wendell And Wild Sweetie And Sister Helly Shirt

The female-founded ZZ Driggs offers contemporary, collectible, and antique furniture for purchase or rent (including pieces by iconic designers like Philippe Starck and Jean Prouvé). Their offerings are impeccably curated and impossibly chic: think art deco table lamps, kilim rugs, jewel-tone couches and more. Fülhaus offers over 300 brands on their comprehensive website—but, despite that significant number, they’re curated rather than cluttered: each piece is selected by a team of interior designers before being listed. And, if you need style suggestions, the site offers collections based off of aesthetic and mood: think “grandmillenial,” “dark scandi,” and for plant-lovers, “biophilia.” (Don’t know what you are? Fulhaus’s style quiz will help you find out.)

Wendell And Wild Sweetie And Sister Helly Shirt Hoodie

A 2022 report by the American Society of Interior Designers found that over half of consumers were willing to change their purchasing behavior “to help reduce negative environmental impact.” Renting furniture is to participate in the circular economy: when you’re done with a piece, instead of tossing it into a landfill because it doesn’t fit in your new place or is no longer your style—which many do: the E.P.A estimated that Americans threw out 12.1 million tons of furniture in 2018—you simply give it back. Then, it is given another life with someone else, and perhaps where they’re done with it, someone else again. And while re-selling or sourcing on your own can be quite the hassle, most furniture rental companies have white glove delivery service and set up—meaning fewer figurative (and literal) loose screws.

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