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Parks says the other pervasive problem embedded in traditional mental health care is the conflation of feel-good therapy with surefire recovery. We don’t yet differentiate between treatment that feels good and treatment that actually works, she says. The treatment we often give people is to go sit and talk to someone who might be kind and validating and empathetic. You might leave the appointment feeling good, but that’s not the same thing as receiving an intervention that actually helps you get better. A series of randomized clinical trials has shown that children, adolescents, and young adults who receive FBT for their eating disorder are more likely to recover.

Willie B. Hardigan Presidential Election 2024 Parody Shirt

If you have back pain, you might go to a doctor and they’ll tell you about a range of treatment options, from physical therapy to surgery, Parks explains. They’ll let you know the effectiveness of different procedures, the potential side effects, and they’d always suggest that you start with the least invasive treatmentyou’d never have surgery without first trying physical therapy. In mental health, we often see the opposite recommendations, with people suggesting that people start at the highest level of care.

Willie B. Hardigan Presidential Election 2024 Parody Shirt Hoodie

As it turns out, not all treatment is created equal when it comes to eating disorders or most conditions, for that matter. Anyone can market themselves as a specialist, but a surprisingly small pool of professionals are actually trained in evidence-based techniques, which have the most solid science to demonstrate their effectiveness. Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT, which involves skills like positive self-talk and journaling to retrain destructive thought and behavior patterns, is one of the most well-known evidence-based therapies for eating disorders. Dialectical behavioral therapy DBT is another; it teaches people coping strategies like mindfulness, self-soothing, and even distraction. But while these modalities may have a major impact on eating-disorder sufferers of any age, FBT is the only well-established treatment for adolescent eating disorders, which is why Saffran and Parks built Equip on its principles.

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