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It’s a mixture. I’ve been collecting vintage for as long as I can remember and I love mixing vintage and current season pieces. More on the clothes. I feel like accessories, I don’t like to pack too much so I just bring a few pairs of shoes and it’s not a crazy amount. I don’t actually focus too much on accessories at all, and generally I only have a few purses. I’ve actually used a lot of the same purses throughout the years, because for me it’s not always about having something new and different. I like to promote the few things I actually like and keep wearing. I’m excited to wear a vintage lace blouse I recently thrifted and I’m excited about my Miu Miu platform sandals. I’m a Gemini so I’m very much battling between being a princess and dressing better than my boyfriend. I would say I’m very eclectic. I’m definitely more maximal than minimal but also this kind of boy-girl and that’s just how I like to dress with no in between. My friends said that I’m either like a really expensive prostitute or a teenage boy.

Ishowspeed Fire shirt

I’m instinctively more of a clothes person, but I do find myself being more drawn to accessories. I don’t know if it’s getting older, but I’m investing a bit more in accessories. I think with accessories they’re a little different from clothes, I feel more of an emotional connection to them. If I see it and fall in love with it, I’ll get it, otherwise my accessories are fairly paired back.I would say that I tend to invest more in classic pieces every day. I do want to get new Loewe sneakers. I’ll be shopping around everywhere this season. And I just bought a gorgeous archive Marni top that I’ve been searching for for years. I used to always describe my style as future romantic sport or whimsical with an edge, but really, whenever I put an outfit together, I ask myself, is this giving BDE? The most important thing for me is to feel strong and confident and bring out the masculine and feminine in my personality. Yes, absolutely. For me when I first started going to fashion week, I would maybe wear outfits that I wouldn’t normally wear in everyday life. But now I just want to be comfortable. So everything I wear are outfits that I wear everyday.

Ishowspeed Fire s hoodie

I don’t really switch things up that much for fashion week. I have quite a sustainable mindset in buying clothes that I tend not to buy something that I’ll only wear for an event. I try to think of all the different ways I could wear something before I buy it. A very comfortable pair of shoes. I do lots of walking between shows and I try to avoid the cab to get some steps in. So I’m looking to invest in a new pair of sneakers soon, and they’re kind of a must-have at the moment. I have quite a big collection of old Celine stuff. So I tend to mix in a bit of Phoebe in there. I do tend to fixate on past collections quite a lot and buy into them. I use Vestiaire and eBay a lot. I’m an avid kind of secondhand shopper, so lots of vintage. And when I’m in Paris I love going to the Japanese secondhand stores there in particular, because I love that element of sculptural design, Issey [Miyake] pieces in particular. So I do heavily rely on secondhand. And I’d say I tend to look at what I’m going to buy ahead of the season, because of the job and work I do at Karla Otto. I look at all the fashion shows, so I pick out two to three things and if I’m still thinking about them six months later when they hit retail, I’ll probably invest in a few new things.

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