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Roher has incredible access. His crew embeds with Navalny immediately after his poisoning and manages to brilliantly piece together that lunatic event—Navalny becoming dangerously ill on a flight to Moscow, the plane diverted, Nalavny rushed to a Siberian hospital where Kremlin agents at first refuse to let Yulia see him (a filmed encounter here). He is eventually airlifted to a hospital in Germany, where the presence of Novichok, the military-grade poison favored by Russia’s security services (the FSB), is detected in his system.

All Men Are Created Equal And Then Few Become Brothers American Flag Shirt

At this point Navalny becomes a procedural, with the recovering Navalny and his allies, including a steely Maria Pevchikh of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, linking up with a German investigative journalist, Christo Grozev of Bellingcat, to uncover who poisoned him. The answer comes from digital phone records and travel data, and then proof is obtained in an astonishing scene in which Navalny and Grozev prank call the FSB agents they suspect and trick one into confessing over the phone. It’s a riveting, horrific, weirdly hilarious sequence that has to be seen to be believed.

All Men Are Created Equal And Then Few Become Brothers American Flag Shirt topmerchus hoodie den

The last third of the film plays like a thriller and then a tragedy. Navalny, having commanded international media attention, declares he will return to Russia to face down Putin. Roher’s camera embeds on the flight to Moscow with him, and he interweaves footage of growing rallies at the arrival airport, where Russian police begin making brutal arrests. A sense of dread overtakes the story, and the endgame is swift. When Navalny touches down in Moscow, he is immediately arrested and must say a hasty goodbye to Yulia. The final moments produced a wave of emotion in me—a democratic activist imprisoned by an autocrat who has shown unimaginable brutality in Ukraine. The war hangs over Navalny like a grim shadow and reminds you of the stakes.

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