Trick’r treat sam alien halloween shirt

This is his goal not only for men but for their sons, too. “Everything looks good in miniature,” Drexler says with a laugh, explaining his decision to include kid’s versions in the Trick’r treat sam alien halloween shirt In addition collection. But he’s also found an accidental customer base: women. “My girlfriend actually wears the shirts a lot, herself,” Drexler says. Vogue Contributing Editor Lawren Howell, who as a kid spent family vacations with Drexler and his family (including father Mickey of J. Crew) in San Francisco, understands the crossover appeal. “Shirts like this have some sort of sense of nostalgia for me,” says the stylist, who fits a men’s small. “They remind me of that perfect hand-me-down from a boyfriend or dad that you could throw on over a bathing suit on the beach.” Though she also would wear the shirts with white jeans for dinner. “Men’s shirting has always been a prominent part of my daily wardrobe,” she explains. Her seventeen-month old daughter **Louisa’**s personal style is still developing—alongside her motor skills—but Howell hopes she’ll grow to appreciate a well-tailored, well-made shirt too. “They’re totally utilitarian and, for kids, would be at home on the playground,” Howell says. “A definite step up from the average T-shirt.”

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Trick'r treat sam alien halloween shirt

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