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Somalia and South Sudan — enduring a grueling two-year drought and extreme food insecurity — are together responsible for only 0.1% of global emissions. In 2020, all of Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for a per capita carbon footprint of around just 0.1 tons, in contrast to 17 tons in Australia, 18.5 in Canada and 15.5 in the US. Pakistan’s per capita emissions is under one ton. Dangerous heat waves to at least triple across the world by 2100, study says Historically, namely since 1850, the US has 25% of all carbon emissions to answer for, the EU countries, including the UK, comes in an ignominious second at 22%. China, though today’s biggest single emitter, is historically a distant third with 13% of total global emissions. One study calculated that the Global North is responsible for 92% of global emissions in excess of the planetary boundary. Yet it is the Global South that is on the frontlines of climate breakdown. Pakistan ranks eighth in terms of climate-related vulnerability, behind countries including Myanmar, Haiti, Mozambique and Bangladesh, according to the Global Climate Risk Index. In 2021, heavy rains left a quarter of Bangladesh under water and wrecked the homes of millions. The Pacific island nations of Vanuatu and Tuvalu have next to no carbon footprint but are vanishing beneath rising tides. Thus it’s understandable that these countries have for years been calling for accountability and

Official Don ' t abuse me i'll cum assholes live forever shirt

tag isn’t. In Pakistan, a third of the country is underwater. The torrential rainfall and flooding, now in its second month, has destroyed one million homes, about 2,200 miles of roads, and submerged a third of the country — including more than two million acres (809,371 hectares) of farmland, robbing the residents there of their livelihoods. The damage thus far is estimated at more than $10 billion, or 4% of the country’s annual gross domestic product, according to Pakistani officials. Hide Caption 28 of 28 Photos: ‘Unprecedented’ flooding in Pakistan Homes are surrounded by floodwaters in Jaffarabad, Pakistan, on Thursday, September 1. Hide Caption 1 of 28 The emissions sinners should pay If one is convinced that the climate breakdown is man-made, as scientists concur, namely a product of emissions caused by burning fossil fuels, then it’s impossible to argue that countries like Pakistan themselves are responsible for this destruction. According to the Global Climate Risk Index, Pakistan accounts for less than 1% of the world’s planet-warming gases. Horn of Africa nations Kenya, Ethiopia,

Official Don ' t abuse me i'll cum assholes live forever s hoodie

than anywhere else in the world. More than 1,300 people have lost their lives and 33 million others are affected in what Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif last week referred to as “the worst [monsoon season] in the country’s history.” Opinion: A very European answer to air conditioning The grim images of washed away houses, stranded refugees, children and elderly people in rushing floodwaters vividly underscore the gross inequities of the crisis that is reverberating across the Global South. Indeed many of the 3.6 billion most vulnerable people shouldering the worst of climate breakdown live in the Global South. According to the UN World Food Program, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe extreme weather resulting from rising temperatures is forcing millions of already poor people into hunger. The current figure of up to 828 million people going hungry every night around the world will soar if global heating is not checked, it says. While the human cost is unquantifiable, the economic price

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