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of the new Cabinet went to fee-paying private schools, including Braverman, Cleverly and Kwarteng, compared to just 7% of the British population as a whole. “If you look at the Conservative brand, it still is seen for good or for ill as the party of the rich,” Bale said. The past four Conservative prime ministers all attended the University of Oxford; of the last five chancellors, only Sajid Javid did not study at Oxford or Cambridge, the UK’s two most elite universities. “Politics has become a graduate profession; some of the skills required for politicians tend to be associated with people who’ve been to university,” Bale said. That runs the risk of dissuading a generation of people from engaging in elections, he warned. “What we’ve seen over the past couple of decades is the almost complete disappearance of working class MPs in Parliament … around a third of the population don’t really see anybody that sounds and looks like them in Parliament.” ‘s Christian Edwards contributed reporting. PAID CONTENT Banana Island in Lagos is a Billionaire’s Paradise Unsold Cruise Cabins (Take a Look at the Prices) Cruise Offers | Search Ads Retired general explains Putin’s strategy with Zaporizhzhia World Hurricane hunter airplanes just went where they have never been before Couple Who Bribed Their Kids Into College Now Sells Los Angeles Mansion For $18.75M Mansion Global [Photos] This Wedding Photographer Was Not Expecting This Photo W h a t T h e F a c t s [Pics] Always Put a Plastic Bottle on Your Tires when Parked, Here’s Why Cleverst Paid Content Murdoch buys the priciest home in U.S. history for $150 million Mansion Global Adam Levine Buys Massive Mansion in LA Mansion Global New Retirement Villages Near Nha Trang (Take a Look at the… Retirement Villages | Sponsored Ads Tired of Having to Purchase New Shaving Blades Every Couple… rakvel-qinux.com More from Trump tells court that classified material should have been… Trump endorses DeWine in Ohio governor’s race in marked shift interviewed Serena Williams when she was 9. Here’s what she… Last member of indigenous tribe dies in Brazil after resisting… More From Trump media company faces looming deadline to keep deal alive Earl could strengthen into a major hurricane as it nears Bermuda… Paid Content Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Sell San Francisco Home for $31 Million Mansion Global Cristiano Ronaldo Sells Manchester House: This Is A Big One Mansion Global [Photos] 35 LGBT Celebs Who Are Couples And You Probably Didn’t Know Richouses SPONSORED CONTENT Experts Ranked The Best US Presidents. Guess Who No. 1 Is Cleverst [Pics] Prince Harry Has Been Told His Fate Once Charles Finally Becomes King Gloriousa

Official Spiarmf scrumf smeef slurmp spuunt buttlet spoompls loafus spantzz squackle shirt

prevent events similar to the Windrush scandal, which saw Caribbean migrants and their descendents wrongly deported from the UK as part of a “hostile environment” policy. “The Conservatives were generating new baggage with Black voters through the Windrush scandal,” and have also suffered in appealing to Muslim Brits in the wake of allegations of Islamphobia in the party and a bitter campaign for the London mayorality in 2016, Katwala said. Other episodes further exposed a divide between ex-leader Boris Johnson’s government and Black Britons. A group of United Nations human rights experts last year strongly condemned a British government-backed report into institutional racism, which concluded that the UK is not institutionally racist. Suella Braverman follows Priti Patel as the UK’s home secretary. But studies show the prevalence of racism in the country remains evident; more than two in five Black, brown and minority ethnic workers in the UK say they have faced racism on the job, according to one such study released last week. In terms of future policy, Truss, Braverman and most of the Cabinet have pledged their support to a controversial program — brought in by the hardline previous Home Secretary Priti Patel — that would see some asylum seekers deported to Rwanda. The government insisted the program was aimed at disrupting people-smuggling networks and deterring migrants from making the dangerous sea journey across the Channel to England from France. But advocacy and human rights groups have initiated multiple legal challenges and flights have so far been stopped. The early signals suggest those clashes will continue rather than abate in Truss’s government. But observers say that if the government were to soften its approach towards migration, it would receive support from the public. “There is a softening of attitudes to immigration generally, so there is an opportunity for the government to do something different,” Katwala said. Opinion: Britain in 2022 is feeling a lot like 1979 Nonetheless, even the most ethnically diverse Cabinet in UK history is strikingly similar in its educational and class backgrounds. More than two-thirds

Official Spiarmf scrumf smeef slurmp spuunt buttlet spoompls loafus spantzz squackle s hoodie

Elijah Wood and original ‘Lord of the Rings’ cast shut down racist critics of ‘Rings of Power’ By Scottie Andrew, Updated 2124 GMT (0524 HKT) September 7, 2022 Elijah Wood (center), Dominic Monaghan (left) and Billy Boyd (right) wore shirts that read “You all are welcome here” in Elvish to support the cast of “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” several of whom have been subject to racist comments. ()Elijah Wood, Sean Astin and the core cast of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy are understandably protective of the beloved fantasy property. But they won’t tolerate racism or hatred toward the new generation of Tolkien actors. Several performers in Amazon’s new series “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” have been besieged by hateful comments from viewers who have criticized casting people of color as Elves, Dwarves and Harfoots, among other fictional races. (Most of the roles were created for the show, including the Silvan elf Arondir, played by Ismael Cruz Córdova, and Princess Disa the dwarf, portrayed by Sophia Nomvete, two actors who have been the targets of hateful messaging.) Cast members have spoken out about the racist comments they’ve received, and now, they have the support of original hobbits Wood, Astin, Dominic Monaghan

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